The Reality Check of Online Casinos in India

Corona pandemic and then long Lockdown has made Indians and people across the world very impatient. Now everyone wants to earn money fast. But this attracts middle-class people like us to the scams. 

There is a scam going on in India by some fake Instagram Profiles.

They show their high-end luxury lifestyle on their picture-perfect Instagram profiles. They make innocent people assure that they all can travel across the world freely like them by earning through casinos.

These Instagrammers invite people to their telegram channels,

They add them and keep asking people to follow their algorithms while playing games and make them assure that they will win a large sum of money by just depositing rs1300 or Rs900 to


This is a Big Scam, I believed that guy on telegram who didn’t even provide his contact details but was answering on the telegram link. Their technique of fooling people is to continuously ask them to give them 20% commission on winning. But actually, No one wins in the end and poor people lose their hard-earned money

So don’t get trapped by these Instagram Profiles

One such Instagrammer is showing fake algorithms to people and when people lose their money then he stops replying. His profile link is

Report this profile so that he doesn’t get a chance to fool other people.

I am posting this review here to inform you about such scams that people get trapped in.


KHUSHBOO KAPOOR is an International Anchor,
Emcee, Celebrity DJ, Motivational Speaker,
Blogger and Travel Influencer

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